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This toolkit has been developed to guide managers through the decision and action points involved in implementing e-learning. Implementing e-learning Preparation for e-learning Strategy and senior leadership support Scope of project Business Case and resourcing I.T and People supports Step 1: Analyse 1a:Develop Learner Profiles 1b:Identify learning places and devices 1c:Research what already exists 1d:Select delivery and assessment strategies Step 2: Design 2a:Storyboard the desired flow of events 2b:Plan and test using prototypes 2c:Decide on network requirements 2d:Design online spaces 2e:Explore and refine technology options 2f:Consider using repositories for documents and media Step 3: Develop 3a:Decide to insource or outsource 3b:Conduct Testing 3c:Ensure security, backup and access requirements are met 3d:Licensing and copyright for media Step 4: Implement 4a:Prepare teachers for e-learning 4b:Provide and entry point for students 4c:Facilitation and assessment 4d:Provide tools for learners to create and share sense-making artefacts Step 5: Evaluate 5a:Collect, interpert and understand data 5b:Share results